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rottenlittleurchins-deactivated: Awww thanks anon. I enjoy helping others and I would hope someone would return the favor if I ever needed it.


Anonymous: Meandgavin has the CUTEST little boy.
Anonymous: Satceyandtheboys is so pretty! And her boys are adorable!
Anonymous: Littleurchins is such a great friend helping Caitlin the way she is!
Anonymous: Mama2aiden is so lucky to have Dustin.
Anonymous: Mommabrooksie's son lowen is too cute. And I love her blog!
Anonymous: Katrinaandco is so sweet! And she's gorgeous

I’ve been away for a bit but I’m back now & will be posting asks shortly!

Come on guys, spread the love!

URL game?

send in URLs and I’ll tell you what I like about that mumblr/blog!